AyurVAID Careers

“AyurVAID:” in Sanskrit represents ‘The Complete & Most Accomplished Physician’. We believe that we are the first Ayurveda Physician centric organization in the industry.

Outstanding Ayurveda physicians who are interested in building a career with AyurVAID may write to us at vaid@ayurvaid.com. We will work with you to develop a work and career plan suiting your specific interests, and provide you with an opportunity of becoming the complete physician that the science of Ayurveda prepares you to be.

Every AyurVAID physician undergoes a thorough and systematic training and development program - a unique first within the industry. The work environment at AyurVAID is also unique - ‘people-process-performance-knowledge’ driven, leveraging IT to drive the process framework. AyurVAID also encourages and supports continuing skills enhancement of our physicians.

Ayurveda medical students interested in research are invited to write to us for participating in AyurVAID initiatives.